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Bathroom Remodeling

As one of the most used rooms in a home, the bathroom is an excellent place to start if you're considering making some upgrades to your house.

  • Universal City Bathroom Remodeling
  • Austin Bathroom Remodeling
  • San Antonio Bathroom Remodeling


From beautiful, sturdy doors and cabinets to frames that form the skeleton of your future home, Semper Fi Residential & Commercial Services LLC is a highly talented carpentry company serving the San Antonio area.

  • Universal City Carpentry
  • Austin Carpentry
  • San Antonio Carpentry

Chimney Repair

Regular upkeep is necessary if you own a chimney, but if you've missed your last few inspections, it might be time for some repairs.

  • Universal City Chimney Repair
  • Austin Chimney Repair
  • San Antonio Chimney Repair

Commercial Construction

Semper Fi Residential & Commercial Services LLC provides business owners and entrepreneurs alike with expert commercial construction services.

  • Universal City Commercial Construction
  • Austin Commercial Construction
  • San Antonio Commercial Construction

Commercial Remodeling

With experience working on projects of all shapes, sizes and budgets, Semper Fi Residential & Commercial Services LLC is uniquely qualified to take on your commercial remodeling job.

  • Universal City Commercial Remodeling
  • Austin Commercial Remodeling
  • San Antonio Commercial Remodeling

Concrete Work

From pathways to countertops, it can enhance the look of both residential and commercial spaces, especially when it's installed and maintained by the experts at Semper Fi Residential & Commercial Services LLC.

  • Universal City Concrete Work
  • Austin Concrete Work
  • San Antonio Concrete Work

Custom Cabinets

We have extensive experience creating cabinets for a diverse clientele, and can bring your vision for the perfect cabinets to life.

  • Universal City Custom Cabinets
  • Austin Custom Cabinets
  • San Antonio Custom Cabinets

Custom Countertops

Whether you're an avid chef or you rarely cook, a countertop that is built to last can bring your kitchen to the next level.

  • Universal City Custom Countertops
  • Austin Custom Countertops
  • San Antonio Custom Countertops

Deck Construction

Boost property value and discover a whole new way to enjoy the outdoors, all with a high quality deck from our licensed deck builders.

  • Universal City Deck Construction
  • Austin Deck Construction
  • San Antonio Deck Construction

Door Installation

With a history of efficient, reliable service, we're your best choice in town for door installation.

  • Universal City Door Installation
  • Austin Door Installation
  • San Antonio Door Installation

Electrical Services

When things go wrong with your electrical system, having the name of a trusted electrician is essential for any home or business owner.

  • Universal City Electrical Services
  • Austin Electrical Services
  • San Antonio Electrical Services


Many people may claim to have experience with flooring or other jobs, but without the right certification it's impossible to tell if they're able to deliver the results you expect.

  • Universal City Flooring
  • Austin Flooring
  • San Antonio Flooring


Framing is one of the most important steps in any construction project; whether it's a single family home or a multi-level office building, everything starts with a solid frame.

  • Universal City Framing
  • Austin Framing
  • San Antonio Framing

Gutter Cleaning

Our team is responsible for keeping many of the gutters in town free of debris, so if yours have seen better days, give us a call today.

  • Universal City Gutter Cleaning
  • Austin Gutter Cleaning
  • San Antonio Gutter Cleaning

Home Additions

Semper Fi Residential & Commercial Services LLC has experience creating additional space in homes around town, so if you're curious about the services we provide, we encourage you to get in touch today.

  • Universal City Home Additions
  • Austin Home Additions
  • San Antonio Home Additions

Home Repairs

From start to finish, we are committed to providing lasting solutions to a wide range of problems in homes around town.

  • Universal City Home Repairs
  • Austin Home Repairs
  • San Antonio Home Repairs

Kitchen Remodeling

We are able to completely transform your kitchen, or make a few select changes, that can completely alter the way you feel in the space.

  • Universal City Kitchen Remodeling
  • Austin Kitchen Remodeling
  • San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling


Whether you're looking to make a statement with a bold color or want to achieve a more natural look, Semper Fi Residential & Commercial Services LLC's expert team has the paint to make it happen.

  • Universal City Painting
  • Austin Painting
  • San Antonio Painting

Patio Construction

Have you spent time and effort cultivating the perfect outdoor space, and are wondering what to do next? Why not complete the look with a beautifully designed patio from Semper Fi Residential & Commercial Services LLC?

  • Universal City Patio Construction
  • Austin Patio Construction
  • San Antonio Patio Construction

Residential Construction

A residential construction project gives you total creative control, and allows you to create your dream home from the ground up.

  • Universal City Residential Construction
  • Austin Residential Construction
  • San Antonio Residential Construction

Residential Remodeling

Residential remodeling allows you to keep everything you love about your current home, while altering a few specific things about it.

  • Universal City Residential Remodeling
  • Austin Residential Remodeling
  • San Antonio Residential Remodeling

Roof Waterproofing

Leaks are one of the biggest problems that building owners face with their roofs, so if yours is starting to show signs of a leak, it's essential that you act quickly.

  • Universal City Roof Waterproofing
  • Austin Roof Waterproofing
  • San Antonio Roof Waterproofing


When the time comes to replace your roof or install one on a newly constructed building, there are a few different things to consider.

  • Universal City Roofing
  • Austin Roofing
  • San Antonio Roofing

Roofing Repair

When the time comes to fix up your roof, you can count on the trustworthy team at Semper Fi Residential & Commercial Services LLC.

  • Universal City Roofing Repair
  • Austin Roofing Repair
  • San Antonio Roofing Repair


Here at Semper Fi Residential & Commercial Services LLC, we understand the problems that bad weather can create because airborne contaminants contain corrosive particles carried by wind, rain and snow.

  • Universal City Siding
  • Austin Siding
  • San Antonio Siding

Tile Flooring

Whether they are used to enhance an outdoor patio, or to create an eye catching design on your bathroom floor, tiles are an excellent option for anyone in the market for a way to upgrade their property.

  • Universal City Tile Flooring
  • Austin Tile Flooring
  • San Antonio Tile Flooring


Your windows are more than just a way to see outside-they are a way to connect with the world, and to bring natural light into your home or office.

  • Universal City Windows
  • Austin Windows
  • San Antonio Windows

Wood Flooring

At Semper Fi Residential & Commercial Services LLC, we specialize in a number of different wood flooring types, so whether you're shopping for your home or business, we are sure to have the solution for you.

  • Universal City Wood Flooring
  • Austin Wood Flooring
  • San Antonio Wood Flooring

Junk Removal

When you need fast, reliable, junk pick-up and disposal in San Antonio, partner with Semper Fi Residential & Commercial Services LLC. Fully bonded, insured and ready to get to work for you, we are your top pick for home and business garbage removal.

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